The 5-ish Year Plan

The belly battle!

Sorry that this post has been a while coming, I’ve been so busy with uni work and the gym that I keep forgetting to actually sit down and update you on what’s been going on.

Basically I have rediscovered my love for hitting the gym. I actually enjoy going  because it makes me feel good. When I was suffering with depression the gym was escapism for me, it was the only time I felt like my mind got a little bit clearer. When I met James and my depression got better, I didn’t need the gym anymore. In every sense of the word I got ‘content’. Don’t get me wrong I am so happy that I did because I honestly thought I was going to feel that low for the rest of my life, I didn’t believe it would get any better. But I did start to notice the physical effects of being content. I had stopped going to the gym and being with someone new and spending so much time together I picked up on their eating habits. Now, James has a super quick metabolism- that boy can eat what he wants and not gain any weight. Sadly I cannot say the same for me. Looking back at pictures from just before we met it’s obvious that I have put on weight.

But in the new year James signed up to the gym with me and not long after so did his housemate Ewan did too. Since then we’ve kind of become the gym team. We go every day except on our scheduled rest days (which sometimes I skip if I feel like it). The boys have a schedule of what areas to work on each day (e.g chest and tri’s, back and bi’s, etc) but I usually just do whatever I feel, occasionally joining in with them if I’m stuck for ideas. And I have started to notice the difference, my arms are more toned and my fitness has improved. The only thing that hasn’t seemed to have improved- which is my biggest insecurity and dislike about myself- is my stomach. My waist is actually pretty small but my belly always looks like it’s bloated, no matter what I eat or do in the gym. I thought that going to the gym and burning fat would reduce it but it still doesn’t seem to be going.

I even tried following this diet that Ewan was on. It involved completely reducing down carbs- cutting bread, pasta, even vegetables that contain too much sugar (yeah even the healthier kind had to go)- and increasing fat intake. The idea behind it being that if you cut the sugar, your body will lose water weight and instead of burning sugar in the gym, you will be burning your stored fat. And it did seem to be working… I even lost 4lbs (see pictures below)

Before going sugar-free:



and after:


I was amazed- this took under a week! But there were so many things that I couldn’t eat. Even the healthier options I used to eat when I first started, like salads with tomato and onion (apparently both of these actually contain quite a bit of sugar). And it was frustrating. Did I also mention that after you cut sugar you go through something called the ketogenic flu? This is basically sugar withdrawal and you literally feel awful, I felt constantly tired and sick.

It got to the point where I was literally craving sugar so much, and I got annoyed with having to be so strict with the vegetables I could eat, so I gave up trying to cut out the carbs completely. And yes I did put some weight back on, but only 2lb >>


I’ve decided that as long as I keep an eye on my sugar intake and try and eat healthily, as much as I can, whilst sticking to my gym routine, I should see results. These results may be slower than if I was sugar-free but that’s a price I’m willing to pay (especially if it means I can have the occasional chocolate bar!).

I will do a post soon about the sort of things I do at the gym, but for now, I will leave you with a picture highlighting my problem area (my darn belly) and hopefully next time you see a picture you will be able to see some difference! (I’m the one in the red dress)



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