Hi I’m Lauren, I’m the girl in the pictures at the top of this blog 🙂 This is the first post and the start of my journey. Which I know sounds really cliché and I’m really sorry about that…but it’s kind of true. Some of you may know that this is not my first attempt at keeping a blog… I’ve failed twice before! They always start off okay, but then I just end up forgetting about them and don’t update them. Which I’m aware isn’t exactly enticing you to subscribe… but here’s why this one will be different…

A couple of days ago I got engaged! wooo! Now this wasn’t your standard engagement, it was more of a mutual decision :L I told my boyfriend James (the beautiful guy in the pictures at the top of this blog) a couple of months back that I really wanted to get engaged, because I thought we’d sort of reached and broken the parameters of the label boyfriend and girlfriend. We talk about our future all the time, we live together right now and we basically share money. Calling him my boyfriend just didn’t feel like it was enough… because I knew that he was undoubtedly the man I wanted to spend my life with.

So I asked him what he would say if I asked him to marry me and he told me he would say yes. So he basically knew that sometime soon I was going to ask. I know people will wonder why I didn’t wait for him to ask me (and stick to tradition)…and the answer is that whilst I am a romantic at heart I am also a modern-day woman and I don’t believe that it has to be the man that asks, just whoever wants to do it first. There is nothing unfeminine about asking the man you love to marry you.

I planned to ask him on valentine’s day and he knew this. I was trying to think of the perfect way to do it… leaning towards asking him on the hoe by the lighthouse, where we had our first date. But I never even got that far :L We went out the night before and he basically just said, we might as well do it now…and he asked me :L I had the ring ready at home so when I got in I gave it to him 🙂

Now what has this got to do with creating a new blog?

Well we’re not thinking of getting married for a least 5 years (get the title of the blog now?;) ), waiting until we’ve both finished uni, got jobs, got somewhere to live etc…

I’m going to use this blog for the next 5 years (maybe more depending how things pan out) to write about all the milestones and things going on, leading up to when we actually tie the knot 🙂 This will include my progress in losing weight and achieving my ideal body for the big day!

Really excited to write this blog to share ‘the journey’ with people and to have something to look back on to see how far I’ve come at the end of it all 🙂

More updates soon!